What Age Did Jesus Die?

Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary in Bethlehem (Luke 2). St. Joseph took his other half Mary as well as the infant Jesus on the Flight to Egypt to avoid Herod (Matthew 2). Upon their return, the Holy Household settled in Nazareth where Jesus grew and also invested his youth as well as very early years as an adult. Barely anything is recognized of his life at that time other than that he was called a Nazarene (Matthew 2:23) which at age 12 he was located in the midst of the teachers in the Temple of Jerusalem (Luke 2:46). All 4 Gospels record Jesus the Christ calling himself the Child of Male, reminding us that he fulfills the destiny of the Messianic figure in Chapter 7 of guide of the Prophet Daniel.

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Ask a Christian about the age of Jesus and they will probably respond, “I don’t know.” It’s surprising how easily some Christians will just give up before they can even answer this question.

Some Christians will admit that they don’t know when Jesus died, but they have to say that they don’t know the exact time of his death. That’s just the way it is. There are no hard and fast rules in the Christian world about this issue, but there are some things that you can expect to find on the question, “When Did Jesus Die?” or “What Age Did Jesus Die?”

Most Christian ministers know that the age of Jesus was one-year-old and probably had a three-year-old brother who was named Jesus. They also know that Jesus probably lived in Nazareth (in Galilee) at the time of Jesus’ birth while he was buried in Jerusalem, at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Most importantly, they realize that most Christians don’t really know how long Jesus lived because they do not have the actual details of His life. Even though most of us can probably guess that he lived to be about thirty-five or forty, there are many other factors that have to be considered when trying to determine the exact age of Jesus.

For instance, Jesus may have lived during a time when medicine and science were very advanced. While he may have been as old as he claims to be now, he might not have been able to get sick the way other humans can. If his parents weren’t any wiser about dealing with sickness, it’s very possible that they wouldn’t have known what to do for him.

Of course, they might have found out what to do, but only after Jesus died. Most Christian denominations believe that Jesus died on the day that the Passover began.

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What Age Did Jesus Die - The Church of the Holy Sepulchre

The age of Jesus could be anywhere from two hundred and ninety years to about three hundred and seventy years. This would put Him right around the age of fifty.

How Jesus was raised from the dead has also been a subject of much debate among Christians. In many circles, the idea that Jesus was raised from the dead is said to be “disproven” by John’s Gospel, but others do not believe that.

Some Christians believe that there is no proof that Jesus was actually raised from the dead; therefore, if he really was, He certainly would not have said anything about it. As far as that goes, it doesn’t really matter what He said about it because it certainly didn’t happen.

Some Christians believe that the entire concept of what Jesus did and said on the cross is such a mystery that people have lost their minds. Some Christians also believe that if Jesus really was resurrected, then the Bible says that He rose from the dead, so what does that make His crucifixion?

At least one Christian denomination, called Catholic, believes that Jesus was crucified while he was still God and He didn’t die once again as a man. One might want to point out that it would have been impossible for Him to have risen back to where He was killed, so it seems quite unlikely that He really could have risen again.

Even though it might be a bit disconcerting for some Christians to learn that the age of Jesus could be as old as three hundred and seventy years, they need to accept it because of the fact that he was really a real person. A person like everyone else who ever lived on this earth.

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Frequently Answered Questions

What age did Jesus die?

Many scholars assume that the death of Jesus as having taken place between AD 30 and 36.

Where did Jesus spend most of his childhood?

Jesus spent many years in Puri, which is located in Nalanda, and then he returned to Jerusalem at the age of 29.

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